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Image by Katie Goertzen


What is the Advantage of preserved flowers?

Long-lasting and Maintenance-free. The preservation process means that the plants require no water or light and maintain their original beauty and fresh look for months or even years.

How long do roses last?

Our collection of roses lasts one year or longer. To ensure your beautiful roses last their lifetime, store them in a cool dry area away from excess heat and humidity. Please keep in mind that the petals are fragile just as rose petals should be. If you need to dust, use a soft duster to clean them.

Do roses need to be watered or trimmed?

No! Roses are delivered with everything they need to last for one year or longer. Our special preserving process does all the work for you, so no maintenance is required. Please leave the roses in the vase they arrive in for best results. If you receive long stem roses, they can be cut to size.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, EverlastingRoses does not accept returns or exchanges as all items are made to order and all sales are final.

If you want to report problems with your order, such as damaged roses or faulty boxes, please email us photos and details at   and we will evaluate the incident.

How do I care for roses?

Your roses arrive with everything they need so no maintenance is required. Just keep them in a cool dry place away from excess heat and humidity. The ideal temperature for your roses ranges from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I take the flowers out of the vase?

We do not recommend taking your flowers out of the vase as each arrangement was carefully created to ensure your gorgeous roses remain preserved and last their lifetime. If the flowers are removed from their packaging, it may result in damaged roses and a decrease in their lifespan.

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